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In addition to basic translating resources, we also provide cross-cultural references for dynamic languages and The Translator's Handbook, a practical guide to work in the translation field.

Dictionary Of Advanced Russian Usage

Just Published!

What was begun as an experimental work of creative translation has now evolved into an in-depth tool that fills in many of the gaps left by even the most comprehensive English-Russian/Russian-English dictionaries.

The Dictionary of Advanced Russian Usage is not intended for beginners who are looking for basic word-to-word equivalents. Instead, it is for translators and others who are often frustrated by a search for just the right word or phrase.

An inspired translation will satisfy on three levels: 1) precision of meaning; 2) the image which is evoked and 3) the actual sound of the word or phrase. To meet these standards, Michael Kayser has spent many years scouring Russian literature, periodicals and contemporary sources as well as keeping detailed journals of the many, ever-expanding words of popular culture in English and Russian.

The Dictionary of Advanced Russian Usage is an essential resource for a full-throated English-Russian/Russian-English translation in a fast-changing world.

ISBN 978-088400-350-2 • $32.95

The Translator's Handbook

Acclaimed by translators in all languages the world over, this handbook covers all practical topics translators encounter in their work, such as:
• How to freelance • Translator education • Localization
• Translation careers • Computers and the Internet
• Translation memory • Dictionaries in all languages
• Translation work sources • Translation companies
• Terminology Management

Order the 8th edition for a special price of $22.

ISBN 978-088400341-0 • $25.95 $22.00

American English Compendium

This book, which covers U.S. slang, the varieties of English around the world, foreign words used in English, and much more, is recommended in particular for non-native speakers of English. Grown out of the author's experience with Japanese students at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, it helps non-native speakers of English, as well as everyone else, understand some of the "out of the way" aspects of the most amazing language in the world - The American Language.

ISBN 978-1-887563-56-7 • $24.95